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Singing the Faith: Organ Edition

Organ Edition

Singing the Faith: Organ Edition

Organ Edition

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Publisher: Methodist Publishing
ISBN: 9781848252554
Number of Pages: 2112
Published: 30/09/2012
Width: 13.8 cm
Height: 21 cm

The authorised hymn book for the Methodist Church in Britain. Singing the Faith is sensitive to its heritage, but also to today’s fellowships through its careful arrangement of classic and contemporary styles. It enables and enriches worship by instilling variety and vitality, while underpinning everything with the breadth and depth of Methodist theology. By doing so it carries forward Methodist values into the worship expression of a new generation.

Find out more at www.singingthefaithplus.org.uk.

This organ edition has been designed to meet the practical requirements of church musicians. With an enlarged page size (265 x 218mm) and sturdily bound in three hardback volumes, it also lies flat on music stands.

The division into volumes is as follows:

Volume 1
Preface and Introduction to the Music edition
Hymns 1 – 261 (sections 1 to 15)

Volume 2     
Hymns 262 – 543 (sections 16 to 27)

Volume 3    
Hymns 544 – 790 (sections 28 to 40)
Canticles & Psalms 791 – 840 (section 41)
Indexes (not including the 40pp Index of Biblical Texts)

Methodist Church

“This beautifully presented hymn book is transforming worship through the sheer diversity of the hymns and songs contained within its pages. Singing the Faith is the one hymn and song book you have to have.” The Revd Dr Mark Wakelin, Ex-President of the Methodist Conference

“Singing the Faith brings together a great collection of new and old, contemporary and traditional music. I have thoroughly enjoyed resourcing worship from this wide-ranging collection and hope that it will inspire people for generations to come.” Deacon Eunice Attwood, Ex-Vice President of the Methodist Conference

“A good job well done. Hymns have to encourage Christians along the path and this hymnbook is faithful to that.” The Revd the Lord Griffiths, London

“Because it contains so much that can enrich our worship, I strongly recommend that churches and individuals should buy Singing the Faith, explore it carefully and make extensive use of it.” The Methodist Recorder

“I have welcomed the new hymnbook Singing the Faith because, in one volume, there is such a wide range of material, reflecting the diversity of Methodist heritage and modern international worship, and addressing spiritual needs and issues of the present day. Its acquisition enables a congregation to worship joyfully in today’s world.” The Revd Rachel Larkinson, Cambridge

“Singing the Faith is a wonderful resource and there are many lovely new hymns. We were one of the first churches in our circuit to get the new book and have been using it ever since, even though we are small in number, we like to embrace all things new.” Ryk Downes, Pool-in-Wharfedale