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A Methodist in the Family?

Answers to ten frequently asked family history questions


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ISBN-13: 9781858523903
Number of Pages: 56
Published: 20/02/2014
Product description

You might be a Methodist who wishes to discover more about your family, or you might be someone who had never heard of Methodism (or Wesleyans, Prims or Bible Christians...?) until one turned up in your research. In either case, this book is for you.

Inside its pages, Philip Thornborow answers the top ten most frequently asked Methodist family history questions. He translates the jargon of Methodism and explains how having a Methodist ancestor might affect the family records you can find today. He takes the rise of the internet into account and signposts useful resources available in print and electronically.

The questions answered are:

I can’t find my family in the parish records – were they Methodists?

I’ve heard that my ancestor might be a Methodist – how will that affect what I can find out about the vital events of their life?

What is a Methodist?

How would being a Methodist affect my ancestor?

Does it matter where my Methodist ancestor lived?

Once a Methodist, always a Methodist?

My ancestor was supposed to have been a Methodist preacher – how do I find out more about him (or her, maybe)?

My ancestor was a missionary overseas – how do I find out more?

I’ve come across someone who is described as a ‘Sister’ or a ‘Deaconess’: what does that mean?

Where can I find out more about all this?



Author Interview
Philip Thornborow is the liaison officer for Methodist Archives, advisor on archiving to the Methodist Council.
Product Reviews

“...small and compact and it delivers. It will appeal to the professional genealogist, the family historian and the beginners who perhaps think they might have a Methodist ancestor in their tree.

Thornborow has packed lots of Methodist history in this little guide – just the kind of information that a researcher needs to be able to interpret and understand the records they are consulting.”

Federation of Family History Societies Website (

Customer Reviews
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Date Score Customer Comment

A great book providing a great deal of useful and interesting information. Well worth reading.


Looks useful, particularly for non-Methodists


Well written and containing important information about the whereabouts of material relevant to my family history activity.

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