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Publisher: Methodist Publishing
ISBN: PA408-CT-13
Number of Pages: 16
Published: 31/10/2013

Compass is a short course that introduces the Christian faith to those who wish to explore its meaning. Like any compass it relates to a particular map and the one intended is Christian discipleship in the Methodist Church.

The course has eight sessions which cover the basics of the Christian faith and illustrate them with themes that have shaped our Methodist heritage and present expression of church.

The eight sessions are:

  • Glimpses of God;
  • Meeting Jesus today;
  • The difference Jesus makes;
  • Empowered by the Holy Spirit;
  • Life together;
  • Engaging with Scripture;
  • Following Jesus;
  • Called by name.

Compass is intended as a guide on the journey of faith that will appeal to the beginner and also the well-travelled. The course offers a process of learning, an opportunity for sharing and the vehicle for deepening faith. At all points there is the chance to discuss, reflect and question in the context of a small group. The final session (Called by name) makes Compass suitable for those exploring membership.

The Compass Team: Jenny Ellis, Bev Hollings, Roger Johnson, Ken Kingston, Piers Lane, Howard Mellor, Viv Morrissey, Nick Moxon and Martin Wellings

This sampler reproduces almost all of Session Seven of the Participants’ Workbook.

A Leader’s Guide is available as a free download only from www.methodist.org.uk/compass.

From those who have participated in the pilots of the course:

“Compass gave me the chance to refresh the basics of my Christian faith and to share convictions and questions with others.”

“Particularly welcome were the Methodist Emphasis sections, appreciated not only by those new to Methodism but also by those with a much longer association. All in all, an excellent and timely resource that suited us well and which we will use again.”

“It was good to link what I thought I knew about Methodism to a broader understanding of Christian beliefs.”

“The Compass course gave me the structure to examine my faith and the companionship to discuss issues of faith in an encouraging setting.”

"I found Compass very inspiring, enabling me to grow in both knowledge and confidence whilst looking at my faith and beliefs.”