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Love Your Neighbour

Think, pray, vote

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Resource Pack
ISBN-13: AB016-CT-15
Published: 21/02/2015
Product description

Our identity as disciples of Jesus is something that should impact every aspect of our being – including the way we vote.

This resource will help you and your church community to reflect on how being a follower of Jesus will affect your behaviour at election time. It will enable you to take a distinctive view of politics based on your commitment to Christ.

What factors should you consider when choosing an MP, a local councillor, an MEP or any other holder of an elected office? By asking you to 'Love your neighbour: think, pray, vote’ we are inviting you to challenge any political message that asks ‘what’s in it for me?’ by asking instead ‘what is in the interest of the common good?’

Love Your Neighbour does not put forward any particular political view, but offers four lenses through which you can view and interpret the messages and promises you receive from candidates and canvassers. These lenses are: truth, justice, peace and wellbeing.

The resource is appropriate for use during worship (eg on the four Sundays running up to the Election) or in Bible-study and house groups where you could use the materials as a basis for discussion during the same four-week period.

The resource consists of:

- four short videos on the themes of truth, justice, peace and wellbeing (c. six minutes per film, total DVD running time of 25 minutes)

- prayers which root the message of each video in worship

- ten copies each of four postcards; these carry brief reminders of the core themes and offer questions that you might ask of canvassers and at hustings, or use to reflect upon when reading election materials

- four short Bible studies, each developing the four themes; these contain questions for reflection and discussion and may be incorporated into a sermon.

An additional pack containing the four different A6 postcards (ten copies of each) is also available.

'Love Your Neighbour' has been published in partnership with the Joint Public Issues Team – a venture of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and the Church of Scotland, which helps churches work together on issues of justice and inequality.

Customer Reviews
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81% of customers liked this product (44 reviews)

Date Score Customer Comment

Content of DVDs was great. in a small room on a computer sound was OK, however in a large church (where the product was designed to be used) the background music was far too loud and the words could not be heard clearly. I suggest future products are tested in such environments.






The jingle jangle background music made it difficult to hear what people were saying.
The prayers on the screen were small print. (Would be big enough if we were at the cinema. Clearly the production team were under 25

Keith Burchell age 73




Considering this was a joint publication I thought the quality of something so important/significant was poor. The production wasn't great, interviews lacking in substance and sadly I think the production did not leave the congregation particularly inspired or resourced so to vote. Sorry to be so negative!


received as promised


A useful resource


A good resource to could be used with ease


Useful product

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