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Methodist Way of Life

A Methodist Way of Life is a way of living. It is how we try to live our lives in response to God’s love, made known to us in Jesus.

Like the early Christians (Acts 2:42-47), we seek to express what it means to follow Jesus in the regular, practical actions of worship, learning and caring, service and evangelism. 

In this sense, A Methodist Way of Life is both new and old. It is new, in that Methodists first discussed such a way at the 2018 Conference, although it is based on Our Calling, agreed in 2000. That, in turn, was built on what Methodists have always done, since the days of John Wesley, in trying to follow Jesus and live out the Christian faith – just as those first followers in Acts did.

The commitments of A Methodist Way of Life remind us of, and provide a compass for, Christian living.

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A Methodist Way of Life Commitment Card
A brief guide to A Methodist Way of Life
Our Calling and Priorities Postcard Set (A6)
Our Priorities Poster: God-centred worship and prayer
Our Priorities Poster: Community development and action for justice
Our Priorities Poster: Confidence in evangelism
Our Priorities Poster: Fresh ways of being Church
Our Priorities Poster: People-centred and flexible
Our Calling and Priorities Poster: Set of 9 (A3)
Our Calling poster, A3
Our Calling Pop-Up Banner
Our Calling poster, A1
Our Calling poster, A2